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International Relations

International co-operation is one of the main objectives of the University of Genoa.

By co-operating with foreign institutions, this University promotes activities aimed at increasing educational, scientific and cultural exchanges.

The promotion and management of the following international co-operation activities are carried out by the

International Relations Service

Head of Service: Angelo Musaio

Service e-mail:

The Service is composed of two Sectors:

Sector "Promotion and Management of Cooperation Projects"

Head of Sector : Michela Parodi

Initiatives in partnership with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the European Union (EU) and in Partner / Third Countries, designed to: working out and implementing programmes, projects and various actions connected to the objectives set out in the Conferences developing the Bologna Process - Identification, diffusion, and transfer of models related to study programmes, policy development in higher education and curricular reforms, University Governance, management and services.


Sector "Projects Administration"

Head of Sector : NN

Administration of the accounting and financial aspects of programmes, projects and actions deriving from the said initiatives of internationalisation – Support to the University Governing Bodies and Structures for the definition and implementation of bilateral cooperation agreements among Genoa University and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the European Union (EU) and in Partner / Third Countries – Contacts with foreign Universities, and consulting for professors / researchers – Secretarial activities for the Service.


Aldina Bianchi

Mariangela Ferrando

Miriam Polese

The promotion and administrative management of international co-operation activities are carried out as follows:

  • Academic Cooperation with foreign Universities in order to:

- organise joint programmes, and promote scholarships for research, education and training development in the Partner Universities,

- increase the international mobility of University students and staff,

- enhance cooperation in the field of scientific research.

Cooperation may be developed in particular through:

− mobility of undergraduate and post-graduate students, lecturers, professors, researchers, technical and administrative personnel;

− collaboration in activities of particular scientific interest, also through the sharing of experience in the use of complex technical/scientific apparatus;

− cultural initiatives of common interest such as seminars, lessons and study meetings;

− development of initiatives aimed at improving governance and management;

− development of joint projects to be presented for funding by the European Commission or other supranational organisations;

− actions aimed at communication and dissemination of knowledge acquired by the performance of the above mentioned activities.

  • Projects in the framework of the current EU Programme: ERASMUS+


Projects co-financed by Programme "ERASMUS+ KA2 - Capacity Building in Higher Education":


Projects co-financed by Programme ALFA:

Projects co-financed by Programme ERASMUS MUNDUS:

Projects co-financed by Programme TEMPUS:

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