An international course (EMARO+) by Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Warsaw University of Technology, University of Genoa, and Jaume I University, supported by the European Union. KEIO University, Japan, and SJTU, China are also partners. The course covers the area of advanced and intelligent robotics: mathematical modeling, control engineering, computer engineering, mechanical design. The students spend the first two semesters in one European Institution and the second two semesters in another European Institution. In the fourth semester mobility to an Asian or an industrial partner is possible.
The language of instruction is English. The third semester is focused on industrial robotics, service robotics (domestic, health, rehabilitation, leisure), intelligent vehicles and security robotics. The fourth semester is dedicated to the thesis. Finally students obtain two masters degrees from the two European institutions where they studied. Theoretical study is interleaved with laboratory practical and experimental work.
Acquired skills can be applied to a wide range of engineering and economical systems, based on robotics, automation, bio- and computer engineering. Graduates manage innovation, work both independently and in multidisciplinary teams; they also transfer advanced techniques and methodologies from university to industry.