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Università degli Studi di Genova

Via Balbi, 5 - 16126 Genova
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Strategic Engineering Workshop at Summersim

Strategic Engineering as new Discipline for Decision Making based on Simulation

23/07/2019 ore 11:00 - H300-3A, Main Building (H), Technical University of Berlin, Strasse des 17 Juni 135, 10623 Berlin, Germany

We need a Philosophy of Strategy that contains the seeds of its constant rejuvenation, a way to chart Strategy in Unstable Environments (Von Clausewitz, Vom Kriege, 1832)

Join to the Workshop in Strategic Engineering, a new discipline devoted to combine Simulation, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agents & Machine Learning to support Strategic Decision Making.

There is an emergent need to train and educate young Engineers and Scientists to use this approach and to adopt a comprehensive approach to address complex problems; indeed Simulation is one of main pillars in this area and there is a major interest on these subjects by Major Industries, Consulting Firms, International Agencies and Hi-Tech Companies, as well as Nationally and Internationally Institutions and Organizations.

Strategic Engineering is promoted by the industrial need to prepare people with a trans-disciplinary University Path including Engineering, Economics and International Affairs to interact actively with the Decision Makers

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