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Università degli Studi di Genova

Via Balbi, 5 - 16126 Genova
Tel. +39 01020991 - Fax +39 010 2099227



Reasearching Metaphor: Cognitive and Other

13/05/2019 ore 10:00 - 15/05/2019 - Palazzo Ducale, sala del Minor Consiglio (apertura)

Following the conference "Metaphor: retrospect and prospects" organised in Genoa in May 2016, the research group won a PRIN (Progetto di Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale) award from the Italian government to further our work in the area of Cognitive Metaphor and the intense debate surrounding it, regarding the nature of metaphor, types of metaphor, classification of metaphors, metaphor and psychological theory, modes of research into metaphor, including corpus-based methodologies, concrete applications of metaphor theory to text and multimedial analysis. Just as the theoretical domains are extremely wide-ranging, so are the domains of application, with every area of language having been treated − literary, conversation, advertising, politics, classroom, art, medicine, law, economics, the world-wide web and other modes of multimedial communication, to name but a few.
The Conference is the final event of this project.
Scholars who have accepted to give a keynote lecture are:
Marc Bonhomme
Jonathan Charteris-Black
Monika Fludernik
Ray Gibbs
Zoltan Kovecses
Michele Prandi
Gerard Steen
Rita Temmerman

Segnalato da Micaela Rossi

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