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Università degli Studi di Genova

Via Balbi, 5 - 16126 Genova
Tel. +39 01020991 - Fax +39 010 2099227



3B - BOOKS, BUILDINGS, BYTES Libraries of the future and the future of libraries

15/05/2019 ore 08:30 - 16/05/2019 - Palazzo dell'Università, Aula Magna, Via Balbi 5, Genova

Conference Themes:

Books and old buildings

Transforming academic and public library spaces in historical buildings for flexible adaptive reuse for the 21st-century users; opportunities and challenges of the church of “Santi Gerolamo e Francesco Saverio”, via Balbi 3.

Bytes and new buildings

Which are the types of learning activities and their supporting spaces, how should they be designed? An answer from hundreds of European students to the University of Genova. Which are the basic features that a library system (academic or public) should combine to inform and address new space designs? A question from the University of Genova to the leading world experts.

New books and bytes

What has the millenarian tradition of books learned from the teenaged culture of electronic files? And what about the converse question?

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