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Università degli Studi di Genova

Via Balbi, 5 - 16126 Genova
Tel. +39 01020991 - Fax +39 010 2099227



7th International Summer School of Neuroengineering “Massimo Grattarola”

Neurotechnologies and Computational Methods to Interact with the Brain

18/06/2018 ore 14:30 - 22/06/2018 - Villa Cambiaso (Genova), Via Montallegro 1

The NeuroEng School, pioneered by Prof. M. Grattarola in 2003 with the First European School of Neuroengineering, was offered in 2004, 2006, and 2012. In this edition, it aims to introduce computational and technological methods to interact with the brain. Interaction is a key issue for understanding the physiological basis of neuronal computation. These knowledges are crucial to investigate the origin of neurological diseases and to design neuroprosthesis to restore physiological conditions.

The NeuroEng School aims to introduce computational and technological methods to researchers of different backgrounds (life sciences, physics, engineering) to interact with the brain. The first two days will deal with brain dynamics giving particular emphasis to the role of the connectivity. During the 3rd day, the recent advancements for increasing the quality of the recordings and for delivering efficient stimulating protocols will be discussed. The day after will be focused on computational models of the brain at different level of abstraction, hardware and software platforms to simulate such dynamics. The last day will provide examples of neuroengineering paradigms for designing new neuroprostheses to interact with the brain and their clinical applications to increase the quality of life. Since the multidisciplinary vocation of the NeuroEng School, speakers have been selected based on a heterogeneous background (physics, engineering, doctors).

Organizers: Paolo Massobrio, Sergio Martinoia, Gabriele Arnulfo, Marco Fato

Segnalato da Paolo Massobrio

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