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Enrollment in individual teaching modules or educational activities of Ukrainian students for the A.Y. 2021/22

Enrollment in individual teaching modules or educational activities of Ukrainian students for the A.Y. 2021/22


The University of Genoa promotes the enrollment in individual teaching modules or educational activities of students of Ukrainian nationality who are currently in Italy or in another Country and they cannot attend their university due to the state of war involving Ukraine. Students can enroll for the A.Y. 2021/22 and are exempted from contributions.

If you are a university student of Ukrainian nationality and you have been forced to interrupt your studies in Ukraine due to the war, the University of Genoa allows you to continue studying even in this very difficult time for you and your loved ones.

During this period of the year it is not possible to fully enroll in Bachelor or Master of Science study programs, but you can enroll in individual courses (teaching modules) or training activities. In this way you can follow the lessons that are still taking place, both in person if you are in Genoa, or via Microsoft Teams in live streaming or recorded sessions. You will also be able to take the exams you have chosen and acquire educational credits belonging to the European ECTS System. Teaching modules can refer to both the first and second semester of the A.Y. 2021/22.

The educational credits, which adhere to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) standard, may be recognized both at the University of Genoa and in other EU universities for future (A.Y 2022/23) enrollment in a BSc or MSc degree course (

To enroll in MSc and BSc courses of the University of Genoa for the A.Y. 2022/23 you will have to carry out the normal admission procedures for non-EU students. A list of Programs offered in English can be found also at here, still in progress, and which is aimed at international master's degrees in English.

The present initiative includes the possibility to enroll and attend On Line Courses of Italian Language.


To benefit from this opportunity you must:

  • have Ukrainian citizenship
  • be enrolled in a University in Ukraine, and have already completed at least 1 year of University for accessing teaching modules at Unige pertaining to BSc Programs. This is due to the fact that to enroll in a University in Italy it is necessary to have completed at least 12 years of school
  • to possess a BSc or MSc degree from Ukranian Universities (or from other Countries) for accessing teaching modules pertaining to MSc programs at the University of Genova.

Limits to registration

Registration for individual training activities:

  • is valid for the A.Y. 2021/22, which will last till March 2023
  • is allowed up to a maximum of 30 ECTS credits in teaching modules
  • enrolling in teaching modules pertaining to BSc or MSc degree courses with Limited Enrolment (limited number, e.g. Medicine) is not allowed.

Deadline for enrolling in Online Courses of Italian Language is march 2023.


Ukranian students can apply for enrolling in teaching modules by filling the present form and sending it with attachements (pdf format) to the email address: The same email address can be employed for any questions on preparing the form and attending classes (emails written in English or Italian).

Further info on Degree Courses and their teaching modules are available at


In this section info on available schoolarships will be soon published.

How to enroll in teaching modules

Choose which individual teaching modules are of interest to you. You can choose courses or training activities available in the A.Y. 2021/22 of different MSc and BSc degree courses. BSc modules are typically taught in Italian, while many MSc programs are offered in English. Please check the following web page for selecting the proper MSc or BSc course and then the related teaching modules pertaining to each of them: ( For each MSc and BSc program, the reference Professor is its Coordinator. Coordinators and further info on programs can be found at the above web site.

Fill the form available here, convert it into a pdf document, attach all required documents (list below) and send all files to the email address:

Once you have registered/enrolled, you can:

  • attend the lessons of the modules you have chosen (in person, live streaming or recorded sessions) depending on your possibilities and teaching semesters (2021 fall semester modules are available as recorded videos and as related teacher’s notes).
  • to attend the exams and get ECTS credits once positively passed them. Most info on exams and calendars are available at:

By passing the exam, you will acquire the related ECTS credits and you will obtain a certification.

For enrolling in Italian Language online Courses, an email with copies of passport (or equivalent ID document) and certificate (or other document) related to the status of university student in Ukraine has to be sent to:

Documents to be presented

Send by email to or deliver to the Unige Office for Foreign Studens in Genova. Each submission will be evaluated as a peculiar case.

  • the form you have filled (as pdf)
  • 1 passport-size photo
  • a copy of the passport
  • a certificate or other document proving enrollment in a Ukrainian university. The documentation must be translated without formalities into Italian or English
  • a certificate or other document proving the possess of a BSc or MSc degree title as obtained in Ukraine or in another Country, translated in Italian or English.

Costs and deadlines

No fees are applied to Ukranian Students.You can submit the application for enrolling in single teaching modules within the deadline of the 13th of July, 2022.