The course aims to equip students with a basic preparation in medieval archaeology and methods of working in the field. Students are guided through all the operational phases beginning with the historical issues tied to the study of a certain area, initial analysis, excavation site, and post excavation. Numerous research themes of the discipline are presented along with a picture of medieval civilisation with material evidence

  • Aims and content

      The “Medieval archaeology” course illustrates the various phases of archaeological research, from initial surveys, to stratigraphical excavation, to post excavation elaboration of archaeological data and it gives a picture of medieval society with particular reference to settlements, monumental evidence and artefacts. 


      General knowledge of Medieval archaeology. Stratigraphical excavation. Prospecting and archaeometric analysis. Settlements and road systems. Monumental evidence, structural characteristics and building techniques. Places of worship and burial. Archaeology of production and artefacts

  • Who
  • How

      Lectures with extensive use of audiovisual material. Possible visits to archaeological complexes. Practical excavation work.

  • Where and when
    • Sessions
      Date Time Type Place Notes
      20 dicembre 2017 9:00 Orale Genova
      17 gennaio 2018 9:00 Orale Genova
      7 febbraio 2018 9:00 Orale Genova
      23 maggio 2018 9:00 Orale Genova
      13 giugno 2018 9:00 Orale Genova
      27 giugno 2018 9:00 Orale Genova
      11 luglio 2018 9:00 Orale Genova
      12 settembre 2018 9:00 Orale Genova
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