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Esaote Academy: egeneration project


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Esaote, one of the leading Italian companies in the world for the production of medical diagnostic systems, with headquarters in Genoa and Florence, on March 1, 2021 will start an important project aimed at theintegration of talented young graduates in the R&D, design and marketing departments of the Esaote Group, through a structured and comprehensive program of theoretical and practical training.

A real Academy dedicated to young people with a degree in STEM disciplines:

  • Information Engineering
  • Physical sciences and technologies
  • Computer sciences and technologies
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Biomedical Engineering (Master's Degree)
  • Electronic Engineering (Master's Degree)
  • Telecommunications Engineering (Master's Degree)
  • Computer Engineering
  • Physics (Master Degree)
  • Computer Science (Master's degree)
  • Mathematics (Master's degree)

To join the Academy you will have to participate in the call for applications issued by UniGe.

To learn more visit the useful link.

N.B. Updates will follow, check this news often.