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Accessible books: more than 4,700 volumes available on online media library


libri accessibili

SBA - Sistema bibliotecario di Ateneo offers the entire university community the digital lending service MLOL - Media library online (at the first useful link), which allows you to digitally borrow ebooks from major Italian publishers such as Einaudi, Adelphi, Bompiani, Laterza, Hoepli, Esculapio, etc.

With MLOL it is also possible to consult the ebooks LIA - Letteratura Italiana Accessibile: a collection of more than 4,700 volumes in accessible format, usable also by people with visual impairments or DSA.

In addition, a collection of about 12,000 open-access audiobooks is also available on MLOL.

Info: LIA ebooks on MLOL can be found by selecting the menu items "Type -> ebook -> other ebook filters -> accessible Italian books" or directly at the second useful link.