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Postponement of admission test for "Pharmacy" & "Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology"



Candidates and applicants enrolled in the admission test for the single-cycle master's degree program in Pharmacy and the one in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (R.D. No. 1938, 6.05.22) who were supposed to take the TOLC-F at the Computer Room of the Albergo dei Poveri in Genoa on September 13, 2022, are hereby notified that due to strictly technical computer reasons that occurred today and were completely unforeseeable, the aforementioned admission test cannot take place.

The test will be held under the same conditions on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

It will be the responsibility of this administration to communicate any changes in venue and schedule.

The postponement of the test will not be prejudicial to candidates with regard to the date by which the test must be passed (Article 4, R.D. No. 1938 of 6.05.22), which is hereby understood to be moved to September 20, 2022.

The deadline for displaying merit rankings (Article 7, R.D. No. 1938 of 6.05.22) is postponed to September 26, 2022.

All subsequent deadlines related to candidate registration and retrieval (Articles 8 and 9, R.D. No. 1938 of 6.05.22) remain unchanged.

Please note that this notice does not affect candidates who have chosen to take the TOLC-F@CASA.