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Gravitational waves: first fusion between a black hole and a neutron star observed


Rainbow Swirl Refracted

From the scientific collaborations Virgo (with researchers from the Physics Department of the University of Genoa and the Genoa section of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics), LIGO and KAGRA the first detection of two gravitational wave events (GW200105 and GW200115) produced by the fusion of two mixed binary systems composed of a black hole and a neutron star.

This is the confirmation of the existence of a class of phenomena predicted by astrophysicists for several decades but never observed... until now.

Find out more in the Ateneo magazine, at the useful link.

Editor's note: the image is an artistic representation inspired by the fusion event between a neutron star and a black hole. Credits: Carl Knox, OzGrav - Swinburne University.